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Pressure Stacks

For any NON-Categorized Appliance, Forced Draft Appliance, or any combination fuel burning appliance. Note that only 1” or 2” fiber is needed and 316 is recommended for oil burning appliances.


Sample Specifications

Pressure Stacks for Forced Draft Boilers

Prefabricated system listed to UL-103 Standard for Factory-Built Chimneys and UL-103’s ‘Positive Pressure Applications Test.’ The system shall be made with 304 [316] stainless steel inner liner, 1” [2”] fiber insulation, and aluminized [304] [316] steel outer jacket. Vent shall be designed for maximum 1,400°F and positive pressure of 60” W.C.

Complete with: factory appliance flue connector, tees, drain caps or inline drains, stack supports, roof thimbles, flashings, and termina tion. All items specifically as specified by Appliance and Pressure Stack manufacturers installation instructions.

Submit AutoCAD Drawings with Draft Calculations showing that the vent system is in complete compliance with both the Appliance and Vent manufacturers’ installation instructions.

Pressure Stacks
Pressure Stacks