The Oppo F1s fingerprint scanner is not just fast, it’s very fast.

0.2 seconds is the time that it takes Oppo F1s fingerprint scanner to unlock your device.

Some say, it’s faster than the one on iPhone, but if I were you, I would take that information with a pinch of salt.

Now you can watch the video above to see really how fast is the fingerprint scanner on Oppo F1s.

Or you can continue to read and learn about some other great features associated with it.

So, some basic information about the Oppo F1s fingerprint scanner first.

  • You can add up to five fingerprints.
  • You have to press the home button to unlock the device if the screen is turned off.
  • Or you can just place your finger on the home button for the scanner to work, if the screen is already on.
  • It works in any orientation possible. So you can use it upside down or sideways even though you didn’t put your finger in that orientation while registering.

Fingerprint shortcuts

You can not only unlock your device, but you can also launch apps and call contacts.

You have to add these apps and contacts as a shortcut with each fingerprint.

For example, you can register your right thumb with the scanner and then add camera as an app shortcut. Now, whenever you will unlock the device with the right thumb, it will unlock your device and take you directly to the camera app.

Any app or contact can be added as a shortcut. Since there is a maximum limit of five fingerprints, you can have five shortcuts.




App lock

The app lock feature is just like any applocker you would download from the Play Store, except that here, it’s built into the software of Oppo F1s and you can lock and unlock apps with your fingerprint.

This feature can be accessed in the fingerprint settings menu in the settings app.

Oh, and if you are unlocking an app with a finger that is also attached to an app shortcut, it will only unlock the app you are trying to open.

Fingerprint shortcuts only work from the lock screen.

Safe folder

Safe folder is also here and can be controlled with the fingerprint scanner as well.

You can lock your files, music, photos, videos and documents here and lock it up, only to be accessed by your fingerprint.

Unfortunately, every time you want to put something in a safe folder, you have to go the fingerprint settings menu. You cannot do it from the gallery or the music player or the file manager itself.

This feature is also accessible in the fingerprint settings menu.