Recently, Samsung released Android Marshmallow update on Samsung Galaxy J7 2015!

Although, Android Lollipop was working just fine on the device, Marshmallow brought in some great features as well.

So, let’s take a look at the top 5 of those features..

Look and Feel

One of the first things you notice immediately after getting the update is the new look and feel.

It’s all new and shiny. Color accents are lighter, notification shade is now consistent with Galaxy S7 and Note 7. Folders also look similar. Samsung apps like messages, gallery and camera have also been updated with a new flatter looking design.

Marshmallow update on Samsung galaxy J7! Marshmallow update on Samsung galaxy J7!Marshmallow update on Samsung galaxy J7!

Using the device also feels a little faster and smooth. I don’t know if it’s just in my mind or Samsung really did some kind of sorcery with the marshmallow update on Galaxy J7, but it’s definitely refreshing to use now.

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One-handed operation

One of my favorite update is the one-handed operation, which for some reason, was missing before.

It makes perfect sense to have a one-handed option on a device this size. What it basically does is to reduce the screen size by tapping the home button three times in a single go.

Marshmallow update on Samsung galaxy J7!

The screen then reduces in size which can be easily used single handedly. You can shift it to the right or the left side, depending on which hand you are holding it in.

You can turn it on by going into the settings, then go into advanced features. There you will see one-handed operation. Tap on it and toggle on ‘reduce screen size’.

Now on tap

Now on tap is an incredibly useful feature. It is an extension of Google Now and I’m glad that I can finally use it.

You can get a lot of information about anything that is on your screen at certain times by just tapping and holding the home button until Now on tap kicks in.

Marshmallow update on Samsung galaxy J7!

It will give you all the relevant information about whatever is on your screen.

If, for example, you are talking to your friend about a movie and you want more information about it, just long press the home button and you will see Now on tap kick in and it will give you all the information about that movie in the form of cards.

Same applies to celebrities, restaurants, music and food etc. It basically works on anything that’s on your screen.

App permissions

Finally, Google found a nice and easy way to deal with the app permissions in Android.

With Android marshmallow at the helm, I know exactly what permission an app is asking for and I can even deny it.

So how it works is when you download an app, it doesn’t ask you for any permissions at the time of downloading.

Marshmallow update on Samsung Galaxy J7!

However, when you start using an app, it then starts asking you for permissions, depending on which part of your smartphone it needs access to. At that point, you can either allow it the access or you can deny.

It really streamlines the whole process and makes it easy to understand which app is accessing which part of your smartphone and why.

Apps backup

Google announced that all the app data will be backed up to your Google account with marshmallow update.

And that feature has finally landed on Galaxy J7. Now all your app data will be backed up and if you ever change your android smartphone and sign in with the same Gmail account, all your app data will be restored along with the app as long as your new Android is also running on Marshmallow.

This feature has been around on iOS devices for as long as I remember and it’s good to see it finally make its way over to Android.

Switching your Android is now easier than ever. You never have to worry about your app data ever again.

To turn it on, go to the settings, and go to backup and reset. There, under Google account, you will see ‘backup my data’ option. Just turn it on and you are done.

There you have it guys. Tell us if you have got an update on your Samsung Galaxy J7 and what features are you enjoying the most in the comments section.