Huawei P9 Lite is one of the best midrange devices to come out this year. 

However, Huawei has got a reputation of leaving out abilities like the USB OTG support out of its smartphones for some reasons. 

On the other hand, Samsung is very tenacious, when it comes to introducing features like USB OTG on its smartphones, even the mid range ones. 

USB OTG is a convenience, which is overlooked by many, and the practicality that it brings to smartphones is underrated. 


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The fact that it allows you to connect your USB devices directly to your smartphones and transfer data in and out is too useful to overlook. It’s a utility, whose importance, only those people know, who have ever used it.

So, obviously, we were pretty interested in checking out, whether P9 Lite has any support for USB OTG, given the fact that Huawei was generous enough to include a finger print scanner in it.

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So, we tested Huawei P9 Lite for its USB OTG capabilities and the results….. Well, let’s just say that we weren’t really impressed!

Head over to the video above, to know what happened.