Hey there guys, I’m Junaid Naseer. A Doctor by profession, I have an immense love for technology. Writing and sharing my views on latest smartphones, apps and games is something I love and plan to do so on this blog.

I’ll mainly be focusing on Apps, Games, tutorials and tips, because owning a smartphone is a first step, but what makes this experience even more wonderful is having the right set of apps, that can potentially unlock the real power of your smartphone!

Any smartphone, without right apps is no smarter than a dumb phone!

I’ve seen people struggling with that, they own a great smartphone, but they have no idea what apps they need or what apps they should download. I’m here to help those people with my experience and knowledge, whatever little I have.

Goals of this blog

  • Latest news from tech circles
  • Present to you, best apps/games possible in each category
  • Review new and exciting apps/games
  • Tips and tricks to make your smartphone experience smarter and long lasting
  • Review of the technology in general

Future Plans

This website is still in its infancy and cannot compete with some of the bigger tech outlets out there, but that is not why it was built in the first place. I created this website as a place where the amazing world of technology comes to life for you and me.

As I have already told you, I’m a Doctor and not nearly a tech expert, writing about technology and sharing my experiences with others is a passion. I have tried to capture it all in this blog. Another reason for this website to come into being is to help those who are new to the smartphone world and hang out with those who are like minded.

I also invite those who share the same passion as myself  to come forward and hang out with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Guest posts are also invited from those who need a platform to share their thoughts, tutorials, tips and tricks with the world.

If you feel interested, send me an email at junaidnaseer@techreviewpk.com

I hope you will like my effort and feel free to throw in a comment once in a while or share anything you like with others!! 🙂