Huawei P9 Lite Camera app is full of amazing and useful features. So, here are 8 cool things you can do with it!


Huawei P9 Lite’s camera app has built in filters. You get to choose from 9 filters in total. You can also change the strength of these filters.

Object Tracking

This is something we see on DSLR cameras, but Huawei has included this feature in Huawei P9 lite. It also works fairly well.

Once you turn on this feature and tap on the object you want to focus on, it locks focus on that object and even if you move the camera around, the focus maintains!

Smile Capture

There is also this smile capture feature that detects the smiles and takes a photo. Works with both rear camera and front facing camera.

Light Painting

This is yet another feature we are not used to of seeing on smartphones. It allows you to capture the trail of lights in the dark, so you can capture those beautiful night photos.

Always On Flash

You have your normal flash and then you have always-on flash feature, where you can turn on the flash light continuously and take photos without it flashing. This feature is actually useful while making videos in the dark environment.

All Focus

All focus features allow you take a picture first and then set the focus later enabling you to produce that bokeh effect in your photos. 


You can also add cool watermarks to your photos such as mood, location, time & date. These watermarks can be resized and moved around on screen. However, you cannot edit them much more than this 

Audio Note

With Audio Note feature, you can take a photo and then add your voice to it as well. Can come in handy if you take a photo and also wants to remember, why you took it and what is its significance.