Oppo F1s is a selfie beast from Oppo!

The device has gotten really popular because of its astounding 16 MP front facing camera.

Specification wise, its a beast as it has 3 GBs of RAM and 32 GBs of internal storage, Mediatek Octacore processor, a fingerprint sensor and 5.5 inch IPS LCD HD display.

But the story doesn’t end there. It’s Color OS 3.0 is brimming with useful features. So here is a rundown of these features:

Scrolling screenshot

You can take a normal screenshot just fine. You can do it by pressing the power and volume down button.

But you can also take a scrolling screenshot of long web pages or any social media profile.

Simply press the power button and volume up button and a menu pops up. You can then take a screenshot of a specific area of the screen or even scroll the screen down to take a long screenshot.

Fingerprint shortcuts

The fingerprint scanner on Oppo F1s is not only lightning fast, it also brings with it some cool features.

You can register up to five fingerprints with it and with every fingerprint you can add an app shortcut or a particular contact.

So whenever you unlock your device with a fingerprint registered with a specific app, it will unlock the device and take you directly to that app. If it’s a contact that you have set as a shortcut, unlocking the device will initiate a call to that contact.

You can access these features from the fingerprint menu.

One handed UI

You can also decrease the screen size so that it can be used with a single hand.

Simply swipe from the right or left lower corners to the middle of the screen to reduce the screen size.

Access it from the gesture control in the settings menu.

Screen Off gestures

Screen Off gestures also makes an appearance on Oppo F1s.

You can double tap to turn on the screen, draw different patterns to launch different functions and apps.

Draw an O to launch the camera, draw a V to turn on the flashlight and the list goes on.

There are screen on gestures here as well. Three fingers down swipe will take the screenshot.

Eye protection

Oppo F1s also features a blue light filter.

You can turn it on from the display settings in the settings menu.

There are three different levels of this filter and you can adjust it to your liking.

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The magazine is a glorified lockscreen wallpaper that changes every time you turn on the screen.

You can also pin these wallpapers on the lockscreen, favorite them or delete them.

Just go into the settings menu and look for ‘wallpaper and lockscreen settings’ and there you can access this magazine feature.

Notification data display

There is an option to display the amount of mobile data that you have used in a day at the bottom of the lock screen and so keep an eye on your usage. And to be honest, it’s pretty useful in day to day use.

Go to notification and status bar settings and toggle on this feature.


On Oppo F1s, there is an option to change the system font as well as change its size.

You can download a huge library of fonts from the Play Store and have any font as the default font of your device and it looks pretty slick.

Simply go to settings and then go to display settings and go to fonts to change them.

E warranty

Not truly a cool feature, but it’s a very useful one.

Once you have activated your E-warranty, you can claim it from anywhere in the world where Oppo operates.

To access this feature, go to the settings and then to look for ‘Instructions’. Then go to E warranty option and activate it. Just make sure that you have your SIM card installed and connected to WiFi.

Operation skills

‘Operation skills’ is once again not really a cool feature, but a very useful one if you are looking to understand how different features work on your device.

It tells you about different tips and tricks that your device can do.

You can also access it in the instructions menu in the settings app.


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