Emotion UI 4.1 is rich with great and useful features. Here, we take a look at some of the coolest features that Emotion UI 4.1 has to offer on P9 Lite!

Screen Record

The screen record feature is built in the Emotion UI 4.1. You can record both in standard and HD format.

Floating Dock

There is a floating doc feature that allows you to put a floating rounded icon on screen, which on tapping opens up main navigation controls such as the home button, multitasking button and back button. You can also lock the screen and clean up RAM.

Hide Apps

Pinch to zoom on the home screen and you can access the hide app features. 

Battery percentage

You can also have a battery percentage displayed in the notification bar. Even better, you can have it appear within the battery or outside of it as well. You can access this feature by going into the notification panel settings in the settings.

Notification Panel

Notification panel is divided into two panels– Notification and Shortcuts. You can swipe right and left to hop between them.

You can control the notification panel by selecting ‘smart select’ and if there is a notification pending, upon opening the notification shade, it will always open the notification panel.

And if there are no notifications, dragging down the notification shade will take you to the shortcuts.

In ‘determine from drag position’, swiping down from the right will always open the shortcuts and swiping down from the left will open the notification  panel.

Network Speed

There is also an option to show up the network speed in the notification panel so you can keep an eye on how is your network performing. Go into the notification panel and status bar settings in the settings menu and toggle on the ‘display network speed’.

Display Color Temperature

If you are not happy with the display color of your device. The good news is that you can change the color temperature of your device as well. However, there are two preset modes ‘warm’ and ‘cold’. 

Gloves Mode

Yes, there is a gloves mode as well. So, you can simply turn on this feature and operate Huawei P9 Lite with gloves on as well. It’s a little erratic to use, but nonetheless, you have the option to use it. 

Touch Disable Mode

Touch disable mode decreases the screen sensitivity when its in your pocket, so you accidentally don’t dial or receive calls or open or close any apps. You can access both gloves mode and touch disable mode in smart assistance menu in the settings. 


Covers are really wallpapers for your lock screen and changes every time you turn on the screen.

Swipe up on the lock screen from the bottom edge and you get the controls to quickly go through these covers and favorite any cover and even pause a particular cover so it doesn’t change the next time you turn on the screen.